Extra Life Fitness Triathlon Fitness Programs


Triathlon fitness is sustainable fitness for everyone!

Whatever your lifestyle, the Extra Life Triathlon Fitness programs will guide you to long term health and fitness, bringing you:

  • World class health and fitness
  • Higher energy levels
  • Self confidence
  • Clarity of mind and spirit
  • Tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • A joyous, fulfilling, and exciting new lifestyle


XL TriFit

Transformation through Triathlon Fitness

XL TriFit is an online training program specifically designed for the absolute beginner, to create a path to world class fitness to anyone and everyone. Access to this online program includes:

  • Personal wellness resources, programs, and strategies developed and used by Adam Hill on his road to qualifying for the Ironman World Championship (learn more about Adam here).
  • An intensive 12 week beginner triathlon program bringing together elements of proper exercise, education, nutrition, and physical & mental well being. By the end of this program, you will:
    • Be able to swim up to 1 kilometer, bike up to 90 minutes, and run up to an hour – the fitness necessary to complete a sprint triathlon!
    • Understand basic exercise and nutrition concepts, including “why” you are performing each workout.
    • Have a pathway to sustainable health and fitness.
    • Develop tools to find balance in life, physical and psychological well being, and greater joy and peace.
    • Be prepared to tackle more exciting and fulfilling endurance challenges, including full distance triathlons.
    • Achieve a renewed sense of priority to yourself.
  • Instructional modules on swimming, biking, running, nutrition, mindfulness, and more!
  • Instructional videos on technique, motivation, strategy, and more!
  • Guided meditations and mindfulness techniques.
  • Additional training plans for 140.6, 70.3, Olympic, and marathon (coming soon!)
  • And much more!

Price: $149 for full access.

Click HERE to register, or learn more at www.xltrifit.com

Customized Coaching Plans


Level Up Coaching – Basic 140.6 and 70.3 Coaching:

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Price – $149/month + $50 initial setup

Designed for beginner to advanced athletes who are more self-guided, this program has efficiency and const-effectiveness in mind. Key elements of a highly effective training program are included, with a customized training plan and unlimited access to the coach via email. This program is perfect for highly self-motivated athletes who desire timely and effective guidance from a coach, yet prefer to communicate via email.


  • Comprehensive Athlete Questionnaire
  • Initial one on one post questionnaire phone consultation
  • 14-24 week customized training program to primary race (includes secondary races if applicable)
  • Heart rate training zone evaluation/establishment (based on the Maffetone Method)
  • Unlimited email support, answered within 24 hours
  • Triathlon specific strength training programs
  • Tips related to nutrition, mindfulness, and race strategy available upon request.




General Fitness Packages, Offseason Plans, and Services for Personal Transformation:

Fitness programs for all walks of life, whether you’re making a personal transformation, designing a new lifestyle, or wanting to maintain fitness during the off season.

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