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Transformation Through Triathlon Fitness

Extra Life Fitness

Transformation Through Triathlon Fitness

“You don’t have to suffer to succeed”

Developing a healthy lifestyle and being successful in triathlon does not have to be about sacrifice. On the contrary, the most effective training programs are based on easy, simple, and purposeful routines. Fitness comes through consistent focus and practice. Sustainable health can be built from effective nutrition strategies. Joy and peace arises from practicing mindfulness.  All of these elements combined can lead to incredible success in triathlon and beyond. Whether you want to PR your next race, finish an Ironman with a smile on your face, or simply become fitter, healthier, and happier than you’ve ever been in your life, Extra Life Fitness can work with you to help you reach your goals. Achieving your dream begins here!

Extra Life Training Programs


Extra Life One on One Coaching

Customized training programs with guidance from an expert coach.

The 12 Week XL TriFit Program

Now Available! Transform yourself into a triathlete with this 12 week, intensive triathlon fitness program for everyone!

Well Rounded Fitness and Health

Extra Life Triathlon Fitness programs are custom built to fit into an athlete’s busy lifestyle. Your journey begins with an initial questionnaire followed by a phone conversation, where we can get to know each other, discuss your goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. From there,  we will create a customized training program leading to your goal race. This program will employ key elements of building endurance and strength, and you will have access to resources and advice on nutrition and mindfulness techniques used by the world’s top performers.

The Most Effective Health and Fitness Program in the World

While many fitness programs are focused solely on “losing weight”, “gaining muscle”, or short term unsustainable results, Extra Life is geared toward transformation.
Triathletes are some of the fittest athletes on Earth. The Extra Life training programs share the secrets of these fitness masters, combined with techniques to improve mindfulness, time management, energy, and goal setting/planning, leading to a transformational life.

The Easy Way to Build Sustainable Endurance, Strength, and Fitness.

Extra Life programs are designed with simplicity in mind. You don’t need to waste valuable time over complicating a healthy lifestyle. Complexity kills motivation. A simple method of straightforward principles, with mostly easy training to gradually build endurance and strength, is the key to success, and your next personal record!



Peace of mind through meditation, visualization, and affirmation

A fit body follows a fit mind. Extra Life Fitness programs incorporate meditation, visualization, and affirmation techniques to build mental fortitude and peace of mind. These techniques make a world of difference in reducing stress and anxiety, and build self confidence and focus which allow you to persist in chasing your dreams. Late in the race, it’s easy to want to quit. With proper mental training, you can tear down the self imposed walls that want to stop you.

Combat Anxiety

Extra Life coach Adam Hill suffered for many years with an anxiety disorder, which caused great pain in his life (read about it here). Exercise alone did little to combat the effects, but a sustainable program designed for holistic health, fitness, and happiness made the difference. The techniques employed in the Extra Life training programs are an effective and sustainable supplement to combating anxiety and building lasting joy.*
*While a fitness/health program can be a great supplement, on its own it can not “cure” anxiety or depression. If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, please seek help from a qualified professional.